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POSI-Lite is Fluid Network's economical offering. It will meet the needs of a small to medium business and requires a bare minimum of computer skills. We provide a full featured web site with powerful search capabilities and a shopping cart. Items are entered on the web site by filling out an online form. Required data includes the manufacturer, part number, item description, retail price, sale price, scale, department or category and quantity available. When you have finished adding, deleting and editing your product information, all changes will be displayed on your web site within mimutes.

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POSI-Lite Features
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POSI-Lite Features

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The Story of the Shop and the Site

Fluid Network's partners, Dennis and DJ owned and operated a small hobby shop. It was about 1000 square feet and specialized in Model Railroad products.

The partners decided they needed to develop a presence on the 'Net where they could sell their merchandise to a wider audience, the all-powerful Web Site. Research had shown that most, if not all, competitors' sites had stale stock listings mixed with "sold out" and "coming next year if you're lucky" items making for an unsatisfying shopping experience. The key design concepts were:

They shopped for an off-the-shelf system that would meet their design criteria with no luck. Rather than settle for a web presence that did not meet their needs or goals, they decided to write a complete inventory driven web site from scratch. The inventory data was loaded directly from the Point of Purchase system to the website at least daily. New items were automatically added and out-of-stock items disappeared from the listings.

With time, the website built an International following. After making a few small test purchases, customers realized that items listed on the site really were in stock for delivery. Orders sped up, with the hobby shop team updating the site more frequently - once in the morning, after daily orders were received, when large sales happened, at the close of business and generally any other time they felt like it. The customers reacted positively, and with a few new features thrown in, the first version of POSI-Store was born.

Dennis retired from AT&T, sold the shop and moved to Florida, having seen more snow than he really ever wanted. DJ followed about six months later. Both remained interested in the hobby trade as consumers and set out to find a supplier that had their former shop's features and mindset to buy from. The problem was, there was no equal......here's YOUR opportunity!

POSI-Lite 2.0 provides the capability to have a fully functional eCommerce web site complete with a powerful search function and shopping cart. Merchandise can be easily updated as required.

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How To Successfully Implement POSI-Store

Don't reinvent the wheel! Fluid Network has discovered basic processes and mindsets the small business owner can use to truly excel with POSI-Store. Please read the following concepts. These lessons were learned firsthand at the retail level and can help your business grow. You must be willing to buy into all of these concepts before implementing your own POSI-Store.

FIRST AND FOREMOST, YOU MUST WANT A WEBISTE. Your site will act as a sales catalog for YOUR STORE. The POSI-Store system is somewhat different from traditional small business sites in that it offers an up-to-date, accurate catalog listing of IN-STOCK items that you have available for sale. POSI-Store is designed to sell YOUR inventory, not your suppliers inventory!

YOUR INPUT IS NEEDED. During the design and development of your website, you will have the opportunity to choose colors, type fonts, terms and text that fit your needs. The general product listing table is fixed and cannot be changed outside of borders, color and font. You have to give us a little to work with, however! We'll need logos, custom text, or anything else you have to offer in the building of your site.

SOME TIME IS REQUIRED for the care and feeding of your business. While POSI-Store is designed to have a minimal impact on your time, some time will be required. One key to sales is timely interaction with customers. E-Mail is the primary means of communication and must be checked frequently to satisfy the expectations of your customers. As orders come in you must be prepared to fulfill them in a timely manner. Time will also be required to obtain and upload product images.

YOUR ITEMS MUST BE CURRENT! Building a long term relationship with your customers' means there must be repeat business. Repeat business doesn't happen if customers are constantly told entire segments of orders are out of stock, or out of stock situations happen frequently. Customers tend to be very understanding if the total quantity of an individual item isn't in stock, but lose interest in your site when four out of five items they ordered one each of aren't available.

YOU MUST KEEP YOUR CUSTOMERS INFORMED ABOUT THEIR ORDER whether it ships complete or is short items. E-Mail tracking numbers, total charges, general correspondence, even "you ordered x, how about y too?", but do it quickly and predictably. Nothing helps build the experience like a personal touch.

PLAN THE PROCESS TO FULFILL ORDERS YOU RECEIVE Develop a procedure that you will use to process orders that you receive. Make sure that you have adequate supplies of boxes and other shipping supplies. All staff members should know and understand the timing and flow of processing orders received through your web site. You should also plan on the procedures for accepting phone orders from web site customers. Based on the UPS pickup schedule we had at our retail hobby shop, 5:00 PM, we were able to process and ship orders received by 3:30 PM on the same day the order was placed. Orders received after the cutoff time were shipped the next UPS day.

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Low Cost Trial

We have priced the POSI-Lite service to let you try the complete package for a minimum investment of a setup fee, domain name transfer or setup and an SSL certificate. These costs will set up a real, live POSI-Lite website for you.

The Flat Monthly Fee is economical. It works out to be far less than Yellow Pages type advertising and generates REAL revenue for your store.

We invite you to contact us to discuss setting up a Big Time Internet Presence for a Small Cost.

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